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 Best Massage Ever A massage from Anthony is the best I've ever had. My body goes into total relaxation and I leave refreshed and renewed. I usually get the hour and a half massage and it is perfect! I would recommend Anthony to anyone! - Amy C.
Bliss on a table! I have been the happy recipient of Anthony's Healing Hand massage therapy for many years now and whole-heartedly recommend his work to everyone. He is a master at his art and continues to impress me with his intuitive gifts and skillful work. No matter what state I find myself in at the beginning of my appointment, at some point I am reduced to mere bliss on a table and that is a gift that I will continue to give myself year after year.....Thank You Anthony for creating a safe, healing and transforming environment year after year....You are irreplaceable! Valerie G.
Magic Man! Anthony is by far the best masseuse I've ever experienced. I have been going to Anthony since my surgery a few years ago. When the Surgeon recommended a massage therapist, I was terrified! But after speaking with Anthony, he assured me that we would only do what I was comfortable with, and he was absolutely gentle and caring. Now, when I am feeling poorly, Anthony zeros in on the exact spot and makes everything better. I know I can always count on him to heal me without a trip to the doctor or a dose of medicine. He is the MAGIC MAN! Thanks Anthony!! I recommend him all the time! PattyT
An appointment with Anthony is more than just a massage. It's physical, emotional, and spiritual therapy. Physical aches are often manifestations of some other underlying problem. Anthony helps with it all. He is very wise in all areas of mind/body health. I've had the pleasure of knowing him for years and highly recommend his services. -Caryn Hefferren
 I have had several stressful days in a row and I was really looking forward to getting on Anthony's table. I have had several massages with him, and I knew what I had coming. :) It is so nice to know I can go in, relax, and have a wonderful, professional, healing experience. Thank you Anthony! -Julee Jones
 The last two weeks were very stressful. I went in to see Anthony Wednesday and 30 minutes later, all better. Miracle worker. I wouldn't go anywhere else. -Ronnie Lathrop
 I also enjoy going to see Anthony! Highly recommended! Just wish I could go more often. -Marcia Phares
 Anthony's healing hands are better than a glass of wine and much healthier! I felt so totally pampered- mind, body & spirit- I am craving another massage! -Catherine Martin
 Here's my testimonial ... 2 hours once a week for more years than I can count! -Linda Ladd

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