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For more than 20 years I have worked in the Fitness and Wellness Industry as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach, Martial Arts/Self-defense Instructor, Certified Mind-Body Fitness Specialist and Qigong Instructor. During my time in the industry I have often found myself needing to repair, maintain and assemble my clients' fitness equipment because there were so few people in the industry specializing in this fitness equipment repair. As luck would have it I finally met and became friends with the top fitness repair technician in the mid-west and was fortunate to learn a great deal from him. When he told me he was looking to retire I asked him to let me apprentice with him to learn the business and further develop my knowledge and skills. He graciously accepted and I am happy he did. As a result I have now started my own fitness repair business to add to my repertoire of Fitness and Wellness related services. www.treadmilltigers.com

No worries for regular massage and fitness clients I am not leaving the Massage and Wellness biz but I do plan to cut back some of my hours so your best bet for getting in are to be consistent about pre-booking and planning ahead. To book a massage appointment with me simply click the "Book Now!" button below and follow the link to a my secure on-line scheduler.  If you have more questions about me, my services or massage therapy in general, please cruise the rest of the site... visit the FAQ, Testimonials, and so forth.  You may learn exactly what you need to know.  If you need additional information or wish to schedule an in-home or on-site spa experience please contact me at astatlermt@gmail.com or please feel free to join the Healing Hand Massage Email Newletter by filling out the sign up form below.

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